"Gopniki" is a subculture that was widespread in 1990-2000 on the territory of Russia and the countries of the former USSR. The people called them "gopniki". These were petty criminals who could steal a phone or just beat up. They often ate sunflower seeds and sat at the entrance.


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number of NFT: 1312

Platform: OmniFlix

mint price: 2.28 Atom

Location "entrance". This is how most people live in Russia.

Urban style. Depressive gray houses... A fairly typical city of the Russia and USSR

There were "garages" in every yard, and all the gopniks and "cool" guys were sure to be around :)

"VAZ(2107)" - dedicated to the people's car, which is popularly called the "Cherry Seven"

This is a village or school "disco". One of the few ways to have fun.

Sometimes gopnik slightly overstep the law. For this , they sit in the "bullpen"...

"River"... What a beautiful nature in Russia. These mountains and rivers, forests and plains...

"Horizontal bars". Everyone wants to be in shape! Gopniki is no exception))

Metro "Lublino". One of the most popular metro stations in Russia

"Red and White" is the most popular liquor store (and not only) in Russia. Grandma is always there


Pigeons are the best friends of Gopnik: